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In general, it's not industry-standard practice to disclose the libraries and versions used in a professional, public website.

Those of us who enter into the F/OSS world do so with the knowledge that our tools may be used by some giant corporation that never bothers to give us an authorship credit (and LOLs at the idea of cutting us a check for our hard work).

VLAN1337.COM doesn't earn any money and is largely supported out-of-pocket as a hobby project, but I really try to follow the mantra of "don't be a tremendous thieving asshole."

With that in mind, here is a reasonably* complete list of the packages and libraries I used to develop this site. I know "payment in exposure" sucks, but it's really the most I can afford right now.

composer.json (packagist)

Package Version

package.json (npmjs)

* The author reserves exclusive discretion to remove packages from this list that, whether via their inclusion or as a result of their particular local implementation, would pose an inherent security risk. I'm all in favor of giving credit to other developers, but I'm certainly not going to take undue risks.
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